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ISCWP Announcement

From Alexus McLeod:

Dear ISCWP Members,

Our vote has concluded, with the result that Shirong Luo has been elected ISCWP Vice President, and Yuanfang Dai elected as Secretary-Treasurer, for the 2023-2026 term. Thank you to all of the members for your continued support of the ISCWP, and for helping with the election and smooth transition of the new Board of Directors. And congratulations to Dr. Luo and Dr. Dai on their elections.

I now hand over leadership of the ISCWP to its new President, Dr. Sun Wei. I wish him all success in continuing to advance the important comparative project of the ISCWP, and using it to move our field forward. Godspeed!

All the best,

Alexus McLeod
Professor of Religious Studies, Indiana University
Past President of ISCWP (2020-2023)

2022 Fu Foundation Asian Philosophy Essay Award Announcement

The 22nd International Conference on Chinese Philosophy received a total of 57 papers for the Fu Foundation Asian Philosophy Essay Contest and three papers were chosen from them as award recipients. The Fu Foundation award a prize of $2000 to each winner, but there will no longer need travel fees as they will be presented at the ISCP’s online conference on June 27- June 1st  Read below to learn more about the winners and their papers.

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Launch of ISEAP Youtube Channel

Fion Wu is happy to announce the launch of the International Society of East Asian Philosophy’s Youtube channel. It is a non-profit academic consortium that promotes global intellectual exchanges on East Asian philosophy. The ISEAP aims at opening up the philosophical potential embedded in East Asia, including the interplay with Western and non-Western philosophy. On the page, you can find some presentations of the ISEAP 2021 Conference and they hope to have a 2022 conference in person this year! The channel is fairly new and appreciates any support that can be offered!

New ACPA Board

The new board of officers for the Association of Chinese Philosophers in America (ACPA) has been elected by the ACPA membership.
For 2022 and 2023, the ACPA officers will be:

ACPA President (2022, 2023):
Dr. Jing Hu
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy
Concordia University
Montreal, Canada

ACPA Vice-President (2022, 2023):
Dr. Mercedes Valmisa Oviedo
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Gettysburg College
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

ACPA Secretary/Treasurer (2022, 2023):
Dr. Jennifer Wang
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, BC Canada


New ISCP Officers

Last week Ann Pang-White, executive director of the ISCP, wrote to members about the results of their recent election; congratulations to the new officers!

I am delighted to report that the ISCP election has concluded, and the election result has enthusiastically endorsed:

Dr. Lisa Raphals for President (2-year term, 2022-2023)
Dr. Jana Rošker for Vice President (2-year term, 2022-2023)
Dr. Mathew Foust for Secretary (5-year term, 2022-2026)
Dr. Yuanfang Dai (5-year term, 2022-2026) for Treasurer

In accordance with the ISCP Constitution, Article 4, Section 3, and established practice, their terms will begin on January 1, 2022.

Please join me in congratulating our newly elected officers.

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank our candidates for their willingness to serve as well as the good work of the nominating-election committee (Drs. Stephen Angle, Bob Neville, and Karyn Lai).  Moreover, a heart-felt thank-you to our acting secretary Dr. Xiaomei Yang and our acting treasurer Dr. Xinyan Jiang for their diligent good work in the past 20 months.

It is indeed a season that we have much to give thanks for. Wish you all a very blessed holiday season.


Ann A. Pang-White, Ph. D.
Executive Director, International Society for Chinese Philosophy
Professor of Philosophy Department & Director of Asian Studies Program
Loyola Science Center 561, The University of Scranton, 800 Linden St., Scranton, PA 18510, USA

Two Upcoming ISCP Panels

Ann Pang-White, Executive Director of the ISCP, writes:

 Hope that you are enjoying the warmer early spring weather. ISCP is sponsoring two great panels at the American Philosophical Association-Pacific Division Meeting, April 5-10, 2021. On behalf of the executive committee, I would like to express our thanks to our APA-Pacific liaison, Dr. Joshua Mason (, for his excellent work in organizing these two panels. The details of the panels, the registration page of the conference, and the link to the meeting program are as follows. The information will also be posted at ISCP website:

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