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ToC: Journal of Chinese Studies

The Institue of Chinese Studies has recently published volume 76 of the Journal of Chinese Studies. Included in this issue are three academic articles and fifteen book reviews (at least a few on philosophical topics). Digital copies of articles and book reviews can be downloaded here. Please read below for a table of contents.

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ToC: JCPC 39

The Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture is pleased to announce the publication of Issue 39. This issue features a Scholar’s Corner section by Ellen Y. Zhang titled “The Ethics of Hospitality: Tracing the Confucian Other,” five articles covering a range of topics in Confucian philosophy and political theory, with contributions that span historical analysis to contemporary applications, and a Feature Book Review of Kyung Rok Kwon’s Confucian Sentimental Representation: A New Approach to Confucian Democracy by Sor-hoon Tan.
The full volume is available online at

ToC: Journal of Social and Political Philosophy 2:1

Edinburgh University Press is happy to announce that they have recently published a new issue of the Journal of Social and Political Philosophy 2:1. This issue was published in February of 2023 with 10 different publications including book reviews, a review essay, and articles. Please click here for the attached postcard which contains a free access code for the journal. Read below for a table of contents.

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CLT2 on Deng Xiaomang Freely Available

The second double-issue of Chinese Literature and Thought Today (CLT2) has been published and the press is running a free access period of this issue till March 31, 2023. All contents of the issue can be viewed and downloaded on the Taylor & Francis website during this period:

Chinese Literature and Thought Today (or CLT2) is a merger of Chinese Literature Today and Contemporary Chinese Thought. In this double issue, there is a section devoted to the thought and cultural criticism of Deng Xiaomang that is translated, and introduced by Jens Karlsson. Check it out!