CFP: ACPA at 2021 Pacific APA

Below is a Call for Papers from Association of Chinese Philosophers in America (ACPA).

We welcome scholars to submit individual and panel proposals to be considered for inclusion on two ACPA group sessions at the 2021 APA Pacific Division Meeting. We are open to submissions that engage with Chinese philosophy in a wide variety of ways and we are not specifying a theme for the group sessions prior to receiving proposals. In addition to the quality of submission, the selection of papers for presentation will be based on how well they can be worked into a good session. We also encourage junior scholars, minorities, and otherwise underrepresented individuals to apply. Info on the Association of Chinese Philosophers in North America (ACPA) is available here.

Guidelines for paper/abstract submission:

1.We encourage submissions for individual papers or full panel that bring Chinese philosophy into conversation with contemporary discussions in other areas of philosophy.
2. Submit a 300-500 word abstract, with or without a completed paper attached. If only an abstract is submitted, a complete version of the paper is required at least 30 days before the meeting to provide the session chair and panelists with enough time to prepare for their session. Completed papers should not exceed 4000 words. The presentation time for each paper will be approximately 20 minutes.
3. Please let us know if you are simultaneously submitting a separate proposal to other Asian philosophy groups for the same APA meeting.
4. Membership of the ACPA is not required for consideration or acceptance, but we ask that you be a current ACPA member by the time we submit the session information to the APA.
5. If you submit your proposal, please send the following information electronically to ALL three members of the selection committee listed below:

(a) abstract (300-500 words) or full paper
(b) your full name
(c) affiliation
(d) email address

Dr. Suk Gabriel Choi (ACPA, President)
Towson University
Dr. Jing Hu (ACPA, Vice President)
Concordia University 
Dr. Mercedes Valmisa (ACPA, Secretary/Treasurer)
Gettysburg College
Secretary/Treasurer ACPA


**Note: Currently, all three APA divisions are planning to hold in-person meetings in 2021. At the same time, we are also considering alternative formats, such as virtual meetings, as contingencies in the case that our usual meeting format becomes impossible. Though external forces like the ongoing pandemic affect and inform our plans, your participation is the most critical input for planning any meeting. If you are considering submitting a session request, we encourage you to do so.


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