CFP: ACPA at the 2023 APA Eastern Division Meeting

The Association of Chinese Philosophers in North America is inviting authors to submit individual papers to be included in a single ACPA group session at the 2023 APA Eastern Division Meeting. The APCA is open to any submissions that engage with Chinese philosophy in a wide variety of ways and they are not specifying a theme. The selection of papers will be based on how well they can be worked into a good session. For more information about submissions click hereSubmission Deadline: June 13, 2022. To submit abstracts click here. Read below for guidelines for submissions.

1. The ACPA encourages submissions for individual papers that bring Chinese philosophy into conversation with contemporary discussions in other areas of philosophy.

2. Please submit a 300-500 word abstract by uploading a doc or docx file. If selected, a complete version of the paper is required at least 30 days before the meeting, please make sure to submit the paper to the board members(email below). Completed papers should be written in English and not exceed 4000 words. The presentation time for each paper will be approximately 20 minutes.

3. Membership of the ACPA is not required for consideration or acceptance, but they ask that you be a current ACPA member by the time we submit the session information to the APA.

4. Please let us know if you are simultaneously submitting a separate proposal to other Asian philosophy groups for the same APA meeting in the Other Comment section. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. If your travel plan changes at any given moment that you can no longer travel to Montreal for the meeting please let the board members know as soon as you could by writing to:

Prof. Jing Hu
Prof. Mercedes Valmisa
Prof. Jennifer Wang

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