CFP: Adventures in Chinese Realism

Adventures in Chinese Realism: Call for Contributions

Two years ago, Eirik Harris (CityU Hong Kong/ Hong Kong Baptist U) and Henry Schneider (CityU Seattle) launched a project called “Adventures in Chinese Realism,” with a twofold aim. First, it is about re-discovering the Classics of Chinese Realism, for example Han Fei, Shen Dao, Guanzi, etc. Second, it is about applying Chinese Realism to actual issues in political philosophy (at large), for example, assessing Confucian revivalism, dealing with so-called corporate ethics, recasting checks and balances, etc.

This adventure consciously reaches beyond the borders of Classical Chinese Philosophy and of philosophy altogether. It engages in a dialogue with other social sciences showing not only that philosophy can contribute to the advancement of other sciences, but also that Chinese Realism is especially relevant in today´s world. As an inclusive series, this series considers work done by established scholars as well as by graduate students and researchers in the early stages of their career.

The series can be taken to the next step. The organizers aim at publishing an edited volume with the materials from the conferences and papers submitted until October 1st, 2018. Any paper covering the applications of Chinese philosophy mentioned above are welcome. Papers should be between 7000 and 10000 words and be accompanied by an abstract of 100 -200 words. Please send your submissions to (be advised that the organizers will begin evaluating publishers at a later stage of the submission process).

So far, three panels have been organized and held. The first during the APA Pacific conference in 2017; the second at the ISCP conference in 2017; and the third during the APA Pacific conference in 2018. So far, the following scholars presented their works:

  • Ping-cheung Lo, Hong Kong Baptist University: “Hanfeizi, Realism, and Contemporary International Relations Theories”
  • Jeremy Huang, National University of Singapore: “Applying Hanfei’s Critique of Confucianism to Contemporary Confucian Meritocracy”
  • Gordon Mower, Brigham Young University: “Han Feizi and the Presidential Bubble”
  • Eirik Harris, City University of Hong Kong / Hong Kong Baptist University: “Han Fei and Corporate Ethics” and “A-Moral Desert”
  • Lee Wilson, MA, National University of Singapore/PhD Candidate, University of Edinburgh: “Han Feizi’s Genealogical Arguments”
  • John Rapp, Beloit University: “Daoist Realism: The Challenge to the School of Law in the Radical Lao-Zhuang Tradition and Its Lessons for Realist Theories of International Relations”
  • Henrique Schneider, City University of Seattle: “Whither Self-Interest? China and Hegemony”


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