CFP: Defining Aesthetics through East Asian Philosophy

The Journal of East Asian Philosophy is happy to announce that they are now accepting papers for their special issue “Following the Brush: Defining Aesthetics through East Asian Philosophy”. These papers are meant to be on the broad topic of defining the field of aesthetics through an engagement with East Asian philosophy. Please read below for more information on submissions.

Papers on aesthetics that are based on any aspect of East Asian philosophy and tradition are welcome. However, for this special issue, we are particularly interested in papers reflecting East Asian philosophy and comparative philosophy in relationship to the following broad topic areas:

•   Defining East Asian aesthetics in the contemporary moment
•   The aesthetics of individual art practices, such as music, the written word, plastic arts, film studies, etc.
•   The aesthetics of play and creativity in East Asian philosophy/philosophies
•   The aesthetics of dreams and fantasy in East Asian philosophy/philosophies
•   Comparative aesthetics (East Asia-West and Intra-East Asia)
•   Translations of papers on aesthetics (particularly the above topics) from Chinese, Korean, or Japanese which have not previously been published in English
•   Review essays of a book or books in English on East Asian aesthetics broadly defined

We welcome submissions of papers that were presented at a conference, as well as papers on aesthetics which are newly prepared for the journal. All papers must be written in English, and follow the submission guidelines as outlined on the journal’s website. Papers and translations can be as long or as short as the topic requires, however papers around 6000-8000 words would be preferred. Reviews should aim to be between 3000-5000 words.
The Journal of East Asian Philosophy is published by Springer, and submissions must be made through the submissions portal (“Submit Manuscript” button) on the journal’s homepage at All submissions for this special issue must be received by midnight Friday 29 December 2023 (Japan time).


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