CFP: ISCWP Paper and Panel Proposals

The International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy (ISCWP) plans to organize one or two panels for the 2021 APA-Central Meeting (New Orleans, LA, Feb 24-27, 2021).  ISCWP invites proposals of panels or papers that promote in-depth engagement between Chinese and Western philosophy.  Proposals may be focused exclusively on only one of Chinese or Western philosophy, but it should be consistent with the mission of ISCWP.  Preference is given to constructive comparative engagements between Chinese philosophy and Western philosophy.

For panel proposal, submission must include the theme of the panel and the following for each chair, speaker, and commentator (optional) on your panel:

1. Title of Paper
2. Name
3. Affiliation
4. Email Address
5. Abstract of 200-300 words (for presenters)

For paper proposal, submission must include the completed paper or a paper title and abstract of 200-300 words.

Please send all proposals to Sun Wei and Mercedes Valmisa:,, and by August 15, 2020.

If you plan to attend the APA-Central Meeting and would like to volunteer to serve as a chair for a panel,
please notify Sun Wei of your willingness to do so.

Note on Academic Support Fund: In general, the ISCWP does not fund travel and related expenses.
Participants must secure funding via their institution or other means. However, thanks to the generosity
of our members, we are in the process of building up an Academic Support Fund for early career scholars
and scholars without stable and/or well-funded positions. If you would like to be considered for the Fund,
please indicate so in your email. Although we would like to provide as much support as it is needed,
resource allocation is not guaranteed and will be contingent upon availability of funds.

Please also note the following statement from the APA regarding 2021 meetings:

Currently, all three APA divisions are planning to hold in-person meetings in 2021.  While it is our goal
to hold in-person meetings in 2021, we are also considering alternative formats, such as virtual
meetings, as contingencies in the case that our usual meeting format becomes impossible.  Though
external forces like the ongoing pandemic affect and inform our plans, your participation is the most
critical input for planning any meeting. We encourage you to submit a paper to the division of your
choice when submissions open, or to sign up to comment or chair at an upcoming meeting. Regardless
of meeting format, the APA is committed to providing the opportunities for intellectual engagement,
scholarly collaboration, and professional development that our divisional meetings offer. We will keep
you informed as the situation develops and new information becomes available. In the meantime, please
don’t hesitate to reach out if there are ways we at the APA can support you, your colleagues, and your
students through this crisis.

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