CFPs for 2011 APAs

The ACPA and ISCWP have recently issued calls for paper or panel proposals for the Spring, 2011 APA conferences, to be held in Minneapolis (Central APA, March 30-April 2) and San Diego (Pacific APA, April 20-23).

The International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy (ISCWP) plans to sponsor one or more panels at both the 2011 Central and Pacific APA conferences.

The Central APA will be held Wednesday, March 30 to Saturday, April 2, 2011 at the Minneapolis Hilton hotel, Minneapolis

The Pacific APA will be held Wednesday, April 20 to Saturday, April 23, 2011 at The Hilton Bayview, San Diego

We hereby invite submissions. The deadlines are: Central APA, September 10, 2010; Pacific APA, September 24, 2010.

Let me also remind you that in order to facilitate collaborating with colleagues working outside the Chinese tradition, non-ISCWP members can propose papers to be included in an ISCWP-sponsored panel, or even propose a panel that is related to the ISCWP’s aims.

As before, we also continue to welcome panels that do not engage in explicit cross-tradition dialogue, as well as individual paper proposals.


1. To submit a paper proposal, please provide a 250-300 word abstract. Submissions need to include presenter’s name, institutional affiliation, paper title, and email address.

2. To submit a panel proposal, please provide an overall abstract of the panel topic of 250-300 words, including due justification. The panel proposal needs to include the name of each presenter, his or her affiliation, papers title, and  email address. Panels should have a Chair and may have Commentators. Please provide names, affiliation, and email address for each person.

3. You may submit a partial panel proposal — the earlier the better — and ask for help in filling it out.

4. An announcement of papers and/or panels selected will be made in September.

5. Address all submissions and inquires to: Professor Steve Angle, Email:

The Association of Chinese Philosophers in America [ACPA]


Submission deadline: September 15, 2010

ACPA Group Meeting at the APA Pacific Convention

20-23 April 2011

The Hilton Bayview, San Diego


Our group meetings at the APA (American Philosophical Association) conventions have been successful in providing scholars an opportunity to try out new paper ideas and receive inputs for further development of the paper.  We welcome scholars to submit completed drafts or paper abstracts.  We will host one or two sessions at the APA Pacific Convention next year.  Each session will consist of two to three papers, with commentators for each paper.  We will try to organize each session in keeping with a cohesive theme.  Therefore, the selection of the paper for presentation will be partially based on how well it can be worked into a good session.

(This year we do not intend to send out a CFP for the APA Central Division meeting, unless we hear from many of you that we should continue that tradition.)

Guidelines for paper/abstract submission are as follows:

  1. Papers on any topic of Chinese philosophy or from a comparative approach to Chinese philosophy are welcome.  Membership of the ACPA is not required for consideration or acceptance; however, all participants must have their APA as well as ACPA memberships at the time of presentation.
  2. The paper should not exceed 4000 words (reading time 30 minutes).  Papers must be typed, double-spaced and in reproducible condition.  Please include a word count on the cover page.
  3. If you wish to submit an abstract for now, please prepare it within 500 words.  Lay out your key ideas in the abstract.  A complete draft of the paper should be submitted no later than two months before the meeting.
  4. Please include author’s name, institutional affiliation and academic status (graduate student or professor) in a separate cover letter or in email communication, but in the paper itself.

Paper or abstract submissions should be sent electronically to all three members of the selection committee by September 15:

Dr. JeeLoo Liu,

Dr. Tongdong Bai,

Dr. Huaiyu Wang,

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