ISCWP Panels at East APA; Chairs and Commentators needed

Please see below for the lineup of our two panels at the upcoming 2016 APA Eastern meeting. If you are interested in chairing a panel or commenting on one of the papers, please email Sarah Mattice shortly. Thank you.

Panel 1: Searching for the Source of Morality in Chinese and Western Philosophy

Angel OK Ting “The Genealogy of Morals in the Zhuangzi”

Sai-lok NAM, “Person and Collective Person: Dialogue between Max Scheler and Confucius”

Sai Hang KWOK, “Ming and the Other: Rethinking the Source of Responsibility in Early Confucianism”

Zhang Rongkun, “Death and Rebirth of ‘Morality’—from the Perspective of Zhuangzi and Nietzsche’s Philosophy on Human Nature”

Panel 2: Continental Philosophy and Chinese Philosophy: Comparative Perspectives

Aaron Creller, “De-Orienting Comparative Philosophy: Approaching the ‘West’ From China”

Shuchen Xiang, “The Nature of Chinese Aesthetics: An Interpretative Analysis of The Yijing and Ernst Cassirer’s Philosophy of Symbolic Forms”

Lubomir Dunaj, “Social Freedom and the idea of well-ordered society by Frankfurt School and Confucianism”

Joanna Guzowska, “The Aesthetic in Kant and Zhuangzi”

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