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Philippe Brunozzi asked me to post the following announcement (indeed, it is a promising development that one of the major philosophy departments in continental Europe is building up a curriculum in Chinese Philosophy!!):

Since 2015 the philosophy department of Free University of Berlin is enriching its regular curriculum with classes focusing on Chinese philosophy. The basis for this development has been laid by the “Deutsch-asiatische Graduiertengruppe für Geisteswissenschaften” (German-Asian Graduate Group of Humanities) founded in 2004 by Prof. Hans Feger. This platform has given to date 38 Asian students the opportunity to gain a PhD in German philosophy or literature in Berlin ( Encouraged and supported by one of Germany’s most important philosophy department and its current head, Prof. Stefan Gosepath, a three year project was initiated aiming at building up a curriculum to provide every term at least two classes on Chinese philosophy as well as a colloquium reserved for additional lectures on subjects relating to Chinese philosophy or philosophy in China more generally. Furthermore, some efforts have been made to invite Chinese scholars and German scholars based in China or Taiwan to further diversify the teaching. To date, guest professorships have been given to Prof. Bai Tongdong (Fudan University) and Prof. Kai Marchal (Soochow University). It is planned to extend the guest professorships in future to other countries. Given the philosophy department’s broad institutional partnerships with Chinese and Taiwanese universities, students are encouraged to join the emerging English speaking programs in China and Taiwan. The first students already left for Fudan University to pursue their studies in Bai Tongdong’s program. All these developments are sided by an increasing number of conferences engaging with the current Chinese and Taiwanese philosophical world. As the project turned out to be very successful, it will be extended beyond the three years limit. For further information, please contact:

Hans Feger:
Ole Döring:
Philippe Brunozzi:

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  1. This is fantastic! Thanks to Philippe and Kai for sharing this information — and please continue to use the log to spread news about what is happening in Europe.

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