Chinese Philosophy – Map of the Profession (Put yourself on the map–literally!)

Dear friends and colleagues,

Some time ago I began making a map of scholars working in Chinese philosophy in New England (i.e. Northeast US).  I then started fanning out to other sections of the U.S., and quickly realized that it would be much better to make this a collaborative effort.  So I would like to crowdsource this project, and have you all contribute to it!  Note: You will need a Google ID / Gmail account to edit the map.  Here is the link:

Chinese Philosophy – Map of the Profession

You can see the current list of scholars in the left hand pane.

We’d like to expand the map to include all academics (faculty and graduate students) as well as independent scholars, working anywhere on the planet.  Here are some instructions on how to add yourself–or someone you know in the field–to the map.  The process should take only a few minutes.

STEP 1:  Follow these directions first to add the Chinese Philosophy map to your Google account:

  1. Make sure you are signed into your Google account
  2. Go to Chinese Philosophy – Map of the Profession
  3. Click on the ‘Save to My Places’ link above the red ‘Edit’ button.  (If you don’t see the button then you’re not signed in.)

This should allow you to see ‘Chinese Philosophy – Map of the Profession’ when you click on ‘My Places’ in Google Maps. Once you’ve done this step, you can add people to (or otherwise edit) the map.

STEP 2:  Add someone to the map:

  1. Make sure you are signed into your Google account
  2. Go to Google Maps
  3. Search for the university / college first (if applicable), using the university / college name.  [NOTE: You can be as specific as you’d like, including using your building, department or street address if you prefer.  This might be useful if there are multiple scholars working in the field at your university.]
  4. When you get the right result (should be near the top of the results), click on the place marker (will usually be a pink ‘A’ balloon on the map)
  5. After clicking on the place marker, click on ‘save to map’ in the pop up info box, then select the ‘Chinese Philosophy – Map of the Profession’ map
  6. Next, click on ‘My Places’, and then on ‘Chinese Philosophy – Map of the Profession’, and hit the red ‘Edit’ button.
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the list to find the place you just added, and then add the person’s name to the title, and put the university in brackets (following the format of the other entries).
  8. If applicable, add a link to the person’s website in the description box, or a brief statement of their research areas.
  9. Click on ‘Done’ at the top of the list (important)

We hope this can be a resource to allow researchers to contact one another and organize local meetings.  If you have any problems or comments just add them below and I’ll try to address them.



7 replies on “Chinese Philosophy – Map of the Profession (Put yourself on the map–literally!)”

  1. Thanks, Hagop: this is cool! I have added the link to the References and Tools list also, in case anyone wants to find it without searching for this post.

  2. Hagop, wonderful job! By the way, do you know how to put two or more people in the same university on the map? It seems that when you add the second one, the first one will be deleted.

    • Hi Yong, I think they are there, no deleted; it’s just that you can’t see them if the location is exactly the same. But I just tried dragging the three at HKU to slightly different positions, and there were indeed three there, which now can be distinguished if you zoon in enough. I suggest doing the same for folks at Univ. of Tokyo, etc. (Ideally, maybe if people’s offices are actually in different buildings, or to the left or right of one another in the same building, we could use those differences!)

    • Hi Yong–Steve is right; they shouldn’t be deleted. You can confirm this by looking at the list in the left-hand panel. I think it’s best to do either of Steve’s suggestions–zoom in and pull the markers slightly apart through the editing function, or place them on top of the person’s building / department where appropriate.

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