Confucian Religion Leaders Summit 2013

I recently received an invitation to attend — as an observer — the following event. Alas, I won’t be able to get myself to Jakarta for it, but I thought that blog readers might be interested to know that there is such an event. I will paste a little information here, and I also attach this longer document with some further details. I do not believe it is open to the public.



In order to facilitate a constructive dialogue among Confucian leaders and contribute to the creation of a culture of peace and harmony in a globalizing world, the Supreme Council for Confucian Religion in Indonesia (MATAKIN) will hold the Confucian Religion Leaders Summit 2013 on Sunday–Monday, 25-26 August 2013 in Hariston Best Western Hotel, Jakarta. The Confucian Religion Leaders Summit 2013, under the main theme of “The Role of Confucian Religion Leaders in a Globalizing World“, will provide a valuable opportunity for Confucian communities to engage in constructive dialogue with Confucian leaders to explore and suggest future policies for enhancing the role of Confucian leaders in promoting peace and harmony. It is hoped that the dialogue of Confucian Religion Leaders here has a global effect and provide a path of dialogue and cooperation that others may follow. This will permanently and regularly encourage the public to declare the peace and harmony locally, nationally, regionally and internationally.



Various speakers from inside and outside the country those have expertise in this field will be present as the main speakers.

1. Dr. Tong Yun-kai (President of The Confucian Academy in Hong Kong)

2. Prof. Kong Weiqin (Chairman of Taiwan Association of Confucius)

3. Dr. Tee Boon Chuan (Institute of Chinese Studies, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia)

4. Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew (Chairman of World Association of Confucian Intellectuals, Malaysia)

5. Yong Chen, Ph.D (Research Professor of Chinese Philosophy and Religion at El Colegio de Mexico)

6. Y.H. Gwee, BBM, M.A.,Ph.D., D.Litt (Singapore)

7. Prof. Nguyen Kim Son (Vice President Vietnam National University)

8. Xs. Masari Saputra (Dewan Rohaniwan MATAKIN, Indonesia)

9. Bratayana Ongkowijaya, S.E., XDS (Chairman of MATAKIN, Indonesia)

10. Ws. Dr. Drs. Chandra Setiawan, M.M., Ph.D (Presidium Coordinator of MATAKIN, Indonesia)

11. Dr. Ir. Drs. Adji Djojo, M.M. (Chairman of MATAKIN, Indonesia)

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