Confucianism and Virtue Ethics Conference

A conference on Confucianism and Virtue Ethics will be taking place in a week in Beijing. Further information is available below. The conference is open to the public. Please contact me if you’d like more information.

International Conference on Confucianism and Virtue Ethics


  • International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy (ISCWP)
  • Institute for Foreign Philosophy, Peking University
  • Centre for Applied Ethics, Hong Kong Baptist University

Additional Sponsors:

  • Department of Philosophy, Peking University
  • Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, Peking University
  • U.S. National Endowment for the Humanities
  • University of Miami
  • Wesleyan University


Day 1 (May 14)

Opening ceremony (8:00-8:30)

  • Xu Xiangdong; Angle, Stephen; Lo Ping-cheung; Wang Bo

Keynote 1 (8:30-9:30)

  • Chair: Xu Xiangdong
  • Yang Guorong 杨国荣 — 伦理学中的德性——以儒学为视域 (“Virtue” in Morality: A Confucian Perspective)


Panel 1  (9:45-11:45)

  • Chair: Bell, Daniel
  • Yu, Jiyuan — The Practicality of Ancient Virtue Ethics: Greece and China
  • Lo Ping-cheung — How Virtues Provide Action Guidance – Confucian Military Virtues At Work
  • Cokelet, Brad —Virtue’s Role in Moral Deliberation
  • Zhang, Ellen — Virtue Ethics via Narratives: Lienüzhuan and Confucian Moral Philosophy



Keynote 2 (1:30-2:30)

  • Chair: Wang Bo
  • Slote, Michael — The Impossibility of Perfection


Panel 2 (2:45-4:45)

  • Chair: Huang Yong
  • Gong Huanan 贡华南 — 何谓节制?——儒家的视角 (What is “Regulating (節制)”? A Confucian Perspective)
  • Angle, Stephen — Is Conscientiousness a Virtue? Confucian Answers
  • Rushing, Sara — What is Confucian Humility?
  • Zhang Lihua 张丽华 — 儒者的求仁之路 (The Road to Benevolence)


Day 2 (May 15)

Keynote 3 (8:00-9:00)

  • Chair: Yu, Jiyuan
  • Ivanhoe, P. J. — Virtue Ethics and the Chinese Confucian Tradition

Panel 3 (9:00-10:30)

  • Chair: Tan, Sor-hoon
  • Van Norden, Bryan — Toward a Synthesis of Confucianism and Aristotelianism
  • Wong, Wai-ying 黃慧英 — 儒家倫理與德性倫理之再探 (Confucianism and Virtue Ethics Revisited)
  • Sim, May — Confucian Liberties


Panel 4 (10:45-12:15)

  • Chair: Yang Guorong
  • Ames, Roger — Locating the Confucian Notion of Person within an Interpretive Context
  • Liu Liangjian 刘梁剑 — 性之成与善德伦理的存在论根据 (The Completion of Nature and the Ontological Basis for Virtue Ethics (善德))
  • Arjo, Denis — A Dilemma for Care Ethics and a Confucian Resolution


Keynote 4 (1:45-2:45)

  • Chair: Angle, Stephen
  • Lee Ming-huei 李明輝 — 儒家、康德與德行倫理學 (Confucianism, Kant, and Virtue Ethics)


Panel 5 (3:00-5:00)

  • Chair: Chen Lai
  • Huang, Yong — Cheng Brother’s “One Li of Differences” (Li Yi Fen Shu): Neo-Confucian Virtue Ethics between Generalism and Particularism
  • Huff, Benjamin — Happiness as the Target of Life in Aristotle and Wang Yangming
  • Marchal, Kai  — “The other’s material needs are my spiritual needs”: Zhu Xi on the Virtues of Justice
  • Li, Elizabeth  — The Virtue Ethics of Zhang Zai; or From Cosmological Qi to the Qi of Human Nature


Day 3 (May 16)

Keynote 5 (8:00-9:00)

  • Chair: Ames, Roger
  • Chen Lai 陈来 — 德性伦理与儒家伦理 (Virtue Ethics and Confucian Ethics)

Panel 6 (9:00-10:30)

  • Chair: Lo, Ping-cheung
  • Xiao, Yang — The Art of Observing Water: The Structure of Mengzi’s Practical Philosophy
  • Wang Kai 王楷  — 荀子:早期儒学中的一个理性主义美德伦理学典范 (Xunzi: A Paradigm of Rationalist Virtue Ethics in Early Confucianism)
  • Walker, Matthew — Structured Inclusivism about Human Flourishing: A Mengzian Formulation


Panel 7 (10:45-12:15)

  • Chair: Slote, Michael
  • Terjesen, Andrew  — Is “Empathy” the Single Thread Running Through Confucianism?
  • Tiwald, Justin — Dai Zhen on Sympathy, Moral Judgment, and Moral “Patterns” (li 理)
  • Hourdequin, Marion — The Limits of Empathy


Panel 8 (1:45-3:15)

  • Chair: Van Norden, Bryan
  • Walsh, Sean — Varieties of Moral Luck in the Ethical and Political Philosophy of Confucius and Aristotle
  • Chan, Jonathan — Bernard Williams and Virtue Ethics – A Philosophical Reflection from the Confucian Perspective
  • Yang, Xiaomei — Partial love and impartial love


Panel 9 (3:30-5:00)

  • Chair: Bai Tongdong
  • Zhu Cheng 朱承 — 儒家的“如何是好”  ——以孟子为中心的考察 (Confucianism on “How to be Good”: Mencian Reflections)
  • Curzer, Howard — Take Your Job and Shove It: Mencius on Resigning and the Doctrine of the Mean
  • Giebel, Heidi — Should I Cover for my Sheep-Stealing Son?

Wrap-Up and Closing (5:00-6:00)

  • Chair: Angle, Stephen
  • Yang, Guorong; Slote, Michael; Ivanhoe, P.J.; Lee, Ming-huei; Chen, Lai

8 replies on “Confucianism and Virtue Ethics Conference”

  1. wow-this looks like a great conference! Wish I could be there.

  2. Shaojin Chai says:

    Thanks for posting this, Steve. I wish i could attend this high-level and exciting conference.Unfortunately, my travel plan can’t change anymore.
    btw, will the conference paper be published or posted somewhere? I really want to read them. Maybe I should ask my friend to take notes for me.


  3. Steve Angle says:

    Hi Alexus and Shaojin — we do plan some sort of conference volume, though the details are sketchy right now.

  4. kaimarchal says:

    Hi Steve,
    Fabian Heubel (who just happens to be in Beijing) asked me today about the location of our conference, so I just want to make sure:
    Is it right that the whole conference will take place at the 北京大学中关新园 Zhongguanyuan Global Village, PKU ?
    Or is there another conference venue?
    Thanks and see you next week!

  5. Steve Angle says:

    Kai (and others who are interested): let me confirm the location of the actual conference sessions, and get back to you. I’ll post the info here. Fabian is of course very welcome!

  6. Steve Angle says:

    The conference sessions will take place in the conference center attached to the 北京大学中关新园 Zhongguanyuan Global Village, PKU. Map and other information here.

  7. kaimarchal says:

    Thanks, Steve!

  8. Shaojin Chai says:

    Thanks, Steve. I just managed to change my ticket date so that I will be in Beida to attend the conference.

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