New Book: Kim, ed., Confucianism, Law and Democracy in Contemporary Korea

Sungmoon Kim, ed., Confucianism, Law and Democracy in Contemporary Korea (Rowman and Littlefield International; CEACOP Series in East Asian Comparative Ethics, Politics and Philosophy of Law) has been published. Congratulations to all involved: it looks terrific!

Table of Contents:

Introduction, Sungmoon Kim / Part I: In Search of Confucian Constitutionalism in the Korean Context / 1. Conceptualizing Korean Constitutionalism: Foreign Transplant or Indigenous Tradition?, Chaihark Hahm / 2. Confucianism that Confounds: Constitutional Jurisprudence on Filial Piety in Korea, Marie Seong-Hak Kim / 3. Locating Feminism beyond Gender and Culture: A Case of the Family-Head System in South Korea, Hee-Kang Kim / 4 Civil Confucianism in South Korea: Liberal Rights, Confucian Reasoning, and Gender Equality, Sungmoon Kim / Part II: Liberalism, Democracy, and Confucianism—Doubts and Hopes / 5. Qualitative Defects of Korean Constitutional Democracy and Political Rationalism as a Confucian Legacy, Bi Hwan Kim / 6. Confucianism and the Meaning of Liberalism in the Contemporary Korean Legal System, Junghoon Lee / 7. Confucius for Our time: Reflections on Politics, Law, and Ethics, Fred Dallmayr / Part III: Epilogue / 8. On Confucian Constitutionalism in Korea: A Metacommentary, Hwa Yol Jung / Acknowledgments / Contributors / Index

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