“Debating Confucian Political Philosophy” at HKU on Feb 14

There will be two events held at Hong Kong University on February 14: a Symposium on Sungmoon Kim’s Public Reason Confucianism and a Roundtable on the Future of Confucian Political Philosophy. These events are open to all, though we request that you register. The poster announcing these events is here, and details (and link for registration) is here. Speakers at the Symposium are Stephen ANGLE, Joseph CHAN, Sungmoon KIM, and Franz MANG; speakers at the Roundtable are:

Stephen ANGLE, Wesleyan University; Berggruen Fellow 2016-17
Elton CHAN, Yale-NUS College
Joseph CHAN, The University of Hong Kong
CI Jiwei, The University of Hong Kong
FAN Ruiping, City University of Hong Kong
HUANG Yong, Chinese University of Hong Kong
JIANG Yi-Huah, City University of Hong Kong
Sungmoon KIM, City University of Hong Kong; Berggruen Fellow 2016-17

If you are in Hong Kong, please join us!

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