Discussing “The Confucian Philosophy of Harmony” by LI Chenyang

The East Asian Studies Center at Indiana University is piloting a book workshop series this year. On Wednesday, November 19 from 8pm – 10pm EST Professor LI Chenyang will discuss his lastest book, The Confucian Philosophy of Harmony. Since this is a virtual presentation, we welcome all interested scholars and students to attend. You can log in here: https://connect.iu.edu/eabwli/ . Follow directions “to enter as a guest.” (For questions about the virtual-meeting software see here.)

2 replies on “Discussing “The Confucian Philosophy of Harmony” by LI Chenyang”

  1. This was a great workshop. What a shame that I just found it out today so couldn’t read the book. Still the discussion was rich and informative. The technology worked well, too, connecting three different places. Hope more people can join in the next series.

    Thanks to Michel Ing!

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