EACP Online Event: A Digital Humanities Approach to Modern Confucianism

EACP Online Event: A Digital Humanities Approach to Modern Confucianism

Friday April 23, 2021, 2pm – 4pm (Central European Summer Time)

Ralph Weber, Philippe Major, Chan Yim Fong and Milan Matthiesen from the University of Basel will be giving an online talk on the topic “A Digital Humanities Approach to Modern Confucianism.”

While European-language scholarship on Modern Confucianism has been steadily expanding for the last 20 years, the approaches adopted in the field have remained for the most part either philosophical or historical. Building on the strengths of such approaches, the workshop will argue for an opening up of new and/or interdisciplinary perspectives by focusing on the /value of a digital humanities approach to Modern Confucianism/. Situated in the broader framework of a Sociology of Modern Confucian Philosophy, a digital humanities approach has the potential to reveal new and unforeseen perspectives on Modern Confucian Philosophy. For more information on the presenters’ Sociology of Modern Confucian Philosophy project based at the Institute for European Global Studies of the University of Basel, please visit their homepage at https://europa.unibas.ch/de/forschung/european-global-knowledge-production/the-exterior-of-philosophy/.

The event is organized by the European Association for Chinese Philosophy. If you would like to attend this online event, please register with Philippe Major: philippe.major@unibas.ch.

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