10 thoughts on “New email subscription to Warp, Weft, and Way available

  1. Site reports that my subscription is successful, but I get no confirmation email and no notifications. Two tries on two days.

    • Huh. Maybe the confirmation email got caught up in a spam filter? I just checked the list of subscribers, and only three people have managed to reach “confirmed” status, including Manyul and myself. I hope this thing actually works! I clicked on the “re-send confirmation email” link for you, Bill, and please let me know if that works. If so, I can re-send to everyone who has signed up so far!

    • I checked my gmail spam folder and alternate inboxes each time and just now; nothing there. Nothing has come yet.

      One odd new thing is that the Name and Email boxes below the comment entry box no longer autopopulate for me (at least when I’m not logged in).

  2. I too have experienced what Bill is describing, though I’ve only tried once. I’ve also checked my spam/junk folder and it’s not there.

  3. Hi John, Bill, and all — I have just switched the setting from the default, which requires a confirmation email, to “single opt in,” which should mean that just be entering your email you are subscribed. I have also updated all the people who were listed as “unconfirmed” to “single opt in,” which I believe means that it will now treat you all as subscribed.

    Of course, if you weren’t getting the confirmation email, maybe now you’ll also not get the emails about posts. Some people *are* getting these emails, which makes this a bit of a mystery. I’ll post something later this morning. Those of you who were having problems, please let me know, here or via email, if you receive a notification. Thanks!

    • I think that means I should have got a notification of your comment just above, Steve, which I didn’t. I tried subscribing again, but WWW said “there was a problem with your request.” I have not received anything by email from WWW (this year).

  4. I believe the problem has been solved. If you have already successfully subscribed, you should receive a notification for any new POSTS that are published. COMMENT subscriptions are more flexible — see the new dialogue below the comment field — and can be used to follow particular comment strings or only replies to your particular comment. Please let me know if something is not working. I will publish a test post simultaneously with this same content.

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