English-based MA and Visiting Program in Chinese philosophy at Fudan

Dear friends,
Thanks to your support, since it was launched in 2011, the MA and Visiting programs in Chinese philosophy (with courses taught in English) at Fudan have been extremely successful.  105 students have been enrolled in either the M.A. program (87 students) and the visiting student program (18 students).  They are from 35 countries and from respected institutions of higher education, and many of them are top students in their classes, majoring in (Western) philosophy, classics, East Asian or Chinese studies, international relations, political science, and etc. Therefore, either in terms of the quantity or the quality of the students, the Fudan programs simply are the most successful of their kind (English-based post-graduate programs in Chinese philosophy) in mainland China.
The program boasts perhaps the largest community of English-speaking postgraduate students interested in Chinese philosophy in the world, a community our students have enjoyed greatly.  The comprehensiveness and specialization of our curriculum in Chinese philosophy are unmatched by other programs.  We have also assigned tutors to our students, helping them read classical Chinese texts, in addition to the normal language classes.  Because of the number and the quality of our students, our programs are a “favorite” of the university administration.  As a result, we have been EXTREMELY successful at securing fellowships for students applying for the MA program.  (For the visiting student program, only partial fellowships are available through Fudan, but students can apply through some external channels, like the Chinese Scholarship Council, the EU, Chinese consulates, Confucius Institutes, etc..)
To continue its success, I ask you to help us to distribute the information about the programs and encourage your students to apply.  If they are already in a doctoral program and wish to spend a year in China, they are also welcome. You can go to the following website for more detailed information: https://iso.fudan.edu.cn/_upload/article/files/b8/c0/cc82835d42f79cb393ae0822292b/847b99d0-bc54-4bc7-9040-bab8d5976a52.pdf
Thank you, and be safe and well!
Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hi, thank you so much for this post! I am currently an undergrad majoring in East Asian Studies and reading about this program has made me really excited and I am definitely considering applying here once I graduate. I was also just wondering how competitive this program is?


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