English-language MA in Chinese Philosophy, Religion, and Culture at Renmin University

The School of Philosophy at Renmin University of China has for several years offered a two-year M.A. program in Chinese Philosophy, Religion, and Culture (CPRC). All courses for this program (except Chinese language) are taught in English. It offers overseas students who are not proficient in Mandarin a valuable opportunity to study Chinese philosophy, religion, and culture whilst living in China. It also provides opportunities to study Chinese and experience intercultural communication with professors and classmates of diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences.

For more information, see the programs summary poster here, further information here, and the official website here.

For a list of specialists affiliated with the program, read on.

Affiliated Specialists:

CAO, Nanlai. Sociology of Religion, Anthropology of China.
LI, Jifen. Ancient Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy.
LI Kelin. Comparative Aesthetic Studies.
LIU, Wei. Ancient Greek Philosophy, History of Ethics and Political Philosophy.
SCHILLING, Dennis. Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Sinology.
WANG, Junqi. Philosophy and Buddhist Philosophy.
WANG, Yujie. Islamic Studies.
WEI, Dedong. Buddhism, Sociology of Religion.
WEI, Shan. Buddhist Philosophy and Culture.
WEN, Haiming. Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy.
YAO, Xinzhong. Ethics, Comparative Philosophy, Religious Studies.
YUAN, Li. Philsophy of Management, Business Ethics.
ZHANG, Xuesong. Religious Studies.
ZHONG, Zhifeng. Religion and Politics, Christianity in China.

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