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Essay by Yu Jianrong Criticizing “Rigid Stability”

The essay “Reassessing Chinese Society’s ‘Rigid Stability’: Stability Preservation Through Pressure, Its Predicament and the Way Out,” by Chinese scholar Yu Jiangrong, introduced and translated at the China Story website, is well-worth a read.

January 28th, 2013 Posted by | Democracy, Philosophy in China, Politics | 4 comments

4 Responses to Essay by Yu Jianrong Criticizing “Rigid Stability”

  1. Bill Haines says:

    Thank you Steve – what a great piece!

    Also wonderful is the website, which I hadn’t known about. I aspire to spend lots of time there.

  2. Kai Marchal says:

    Hi Steve,
    thanks for sharing this link with us!
    And Bill, in case that you might not know the following web project, I share the link with you (it offers fascinating insights into the real China): http://cmp.hku.hk/

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