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Thanks to Alexus’s comment, I realize that I failed to use “Asian” as a search term, and in fact there are several more relevant ads:

UPDATE: Here is another relevant job listing:

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  1. Steve Angle says:

    Please note that I have added the recently-listed Eastern Connecticut job to the main post.

  2. There’s also one more recent listing, Loyola University Chicago–advertises AOS in “Value Theory and/or Non-Western Philosophy”. This is a banner year!

  3. Chris Fraser says:

    One more job opening, for an assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong. The AOS is “open.” Applicants working in Asian or comparative philosophy are highly welcome.


    Applications are being accept through AJO here:


  4. And one more pops up! Missouri State University lists a position with one of the AOS possibilities listed as Asian Philosophy:


  5. And another!! Union College just posted a position with Asian Philosophy as one of the disjuncts in its AOS.


    The takeover of Philosophy has begun. 🙂

  6. Mat Foust says:

    Don’t forget this one from Eastern Connecticut State University:


  7. And the jobs keep coming–one more, at Midwestern State University, this time with “Non-Western Philosophy” as one of the AOS possibilities:


  8. Mat Foust says:

    Susquehanna University lists “Asian Philosophy” as an AOC for an “Open” AOS position:

  9. Mat Foust says:

    University of Oregon lists “Asian Philosophy” as an AOC for an “Ethics” AOS position:

  10. Michael Ing says:

    Also, The University of Southern Maine http://philjobs.org/job/show/6562

  11. Mat Foust says:

    Pace University has “Asian Philosophy” as an AOS/AOC :

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