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Some information for professors (U.S. citizenship) who might be interested.

I met today with the executive director of Fulbright Taiwan and the chair of the Department of Philosophy at National Taiwan University, where I am currently doing a teaching Fulbright. Both of them expressed the sentiment that this is a good association and that the U.S.-Taiwan relationship would be well-served by continuing it. Fulbright depends on the initiative of applicants, however, rather than putting out calls for participation. So they can only accommodate a philosopher if a philosopher applies. A special interest was expressed for political philosophy, especially related to the potential democratization of China. (I’m teaching American Pragmatism and Comparative Moral Psychology–at the graduate level.)  They both thought it would be a good idea to get the word out on this blog.

You can find details about how to apply here: http://www.cies.org/us_scholars/us_awards/

Teaching in English is preferred.

This is not a call for applications, just a reminder that Fulbrights are available and that both Taiwan Fulbright and NTU welcome applications from philosophers.

That’s not to say that other universities and Fulbright locations are not open to philosophers.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

I have found the arrangement to be a positive one.  It’s a comfortable and stimulating situation (for my small family of three).

Caveat: department chairs and executive directors change. This is the situation today. Can’t say what will happen in the future.

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  1. Hi Brian — thanks for sharing this, glad to hear things are going well, and that there’s continued interest! (I.e., you haven’t spoiled it for the rest of us ;-))

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