HKU Workshop on Happiness and the Dao

All are welcome to this upcoming workshop…

Happiness and the Dao: Ancient Greek and Chinese Approaches to Ethics
March 25-26, 2011
Department of Philosophy
Hong Kong University

Ancient Greek ethics focuses largely on the theory and practice of eudaimonia, the happy or flourishing life. Classical Chinese ethics similarly focuses on the theory and practice of the dao, the proper way of life. The workshop will inquire into how these two ethical orientations compare and contrast with each other. How might the two central concepts of eudaimonia and dao relate to each other? What conception of a flourishing life is implied by various Chinese views of the dao? What conception of a practical, normative way is implied by various Greek views of eudaimonia? What insights into contemporary ethical life might be provided by reflection on these ancient ethical themes? These are among the questions that the workshop will address.

The schedule:

Friday 25 March 2011
Location: Main Building 239

9:00+ Tea/coffee

9:20 Welcome

Nicholas Smith, Moral psychology as the focus of early Greek ethics
Yong Huang, Aristotelianism and Confucianism: Which Has a Virtue Ethics?
Timothy O’Leary, “It is difficult, I admit…”: Epictetus on Caring for Things

Siu-fu Tang, Enslavement or Self-assertion: Xunzi’s Understanding of A Flourishing Life
Lisa Raphals, Human-Animal Boundaries in Zhuangzi and Aristotle
Chris Fraser, Rational Souls or Virtuoso Performers? Logos vs. Dào-Dé 道德

Saturday 26 March 2011
Location: Main Building 239

9:00+ Tea/coffee

9:30 – 12:30
A A Long, Towards a genealogy and typology of Greek Eudaimonism
Chad Hansen, De Naturalized
Roundtable discussion

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