ISCWP Call for Board Nominations

To all ISCWP members (and any new members who join prior to April 29):

The term of the current ISCWP Board will end on June 30, 2011. Starting July 1, 2011, our current Vice-President (Sor-hoon Tan) will assume the Presidency. This spring, we need to elect two new board members to three-year terms: a new Vice-President (who will become president in 2014), and a new Secretary-Treasurer.
As outgoing and Secretary-Treasurer and President, respectively, Justin Tiwald and I will make up the Election Committee that oversees this process.

Nominations, including self-nominations, for Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer are now open. Please send any nominations to both Justin and myself (emails below). Two things to note: (1) we strive to have a balance between the two top positions, ensuring that if the President lives and works in Asia, then the Vice-President live and work in North America (and be an APA member), or vice-versa. Since Sor-hoon is in Singapore, this means that nominees for the V.P. position should ideally reside in North America. (2) It would be logistically convenient if nominees for the Secretary-Treasurer position reside in a state that has branches of Chase Bank, though this is not strictly required.

All “members,” which is to say all individuals who have sent their relevant information to the Secretary Treasurer and are on our email list, are eligible for nomination and voting. Any new members who take care of this process by April 29 are also eligible; see

Nominations close at 5pm EST, Friday, April 29.

Justin and I will then contact nominees, ensure that they are willing to run, and ask them for short statements of their vision for the organization. After that, we will share this information with the membership; voting will take place in early May.

If you have any questions, please contact the Election Committee:
Steve Angle (, and
Justin Tiwald (