New issue of JCH; and CFP on Xuanxue

Ben Hammer of Shandong University writes:

The Journal of Chinese Humanities has just released Volume 3.1 on the subject MYTH AND LEGEND IN ANCIENT CHINA.  

This issue includes articles from top Chinese scholars and a piece by Early China editor Sarah Allan that responds to new findings out of China with implications for the historicity of the Xia Dynasty.

Our next issue is on the theme Wei and Jin Dynasty Xuan Xue, and we are now accepting submissions. See our website for submission details.

You can read abstracts on our website, and you can subscribe by going to our publisher’s page,

TABLE OF CONTENTS – Journal of Chinese Humanities, Vol. 3.1: MYTH AND LEGEND IN ANCIENT CHINA; February 2017

A New Model in the Study of Chinese Mythology

Author: LIU Yuqing
pp.: 1-22

The Jishi Outburst Flood of 1920 BCE and the Great Flood Legend in Ancient China: Preliminary Reflections

Author: Sarah Allan
pp.: 23-34


A Discussion on the Concept of “Sacred Narrative”

Author CHEN Lianshan
pp.: 35-47


Researching the Image of the Yellow Emperor in China’s Early Textual Sources and Archaeological Materials

Author: SU Xiaowei

pp.: 48 – 71


An Exploration of the Queen Mother of the West from the Perspective of Comparative Mythology

Author: SU Yongqian

pp.: 72 – 90


From Myth to History: Historicizing a Sage for the Sake of Persuasion in the Yellow Emperor Narratives

Author: ZHANG Hanmo

pp.: 91 – 116


Two Modes of Goddess Depictions in Early Medieval Chinese Literature

Author: ZHANG Zhenjun
pp.: 117 – 134

We are eager to connect more broadly with the community of scholars doing research in Chinese literature, philosophy, and history.  If you think your university library or department should carry this journal, please recommend a subscription, or let us know whom to contact so that we may introduce ourselves.

Many thanks,

Ben Hammer

Editor, Journal of Chinese Humanities

Shandong University

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