New issue of Frontiers of Philosophy in China

The latest issue of FPC has been published. Until June 1, 2016, the full text is available here. The Table of contents is below.

Frontiers of Philosophy in China

Volume 11·Number 1·March 2016


Special Theme: Analytic Philosophy

JIANG Yi / Introduction to the Special Theme on Analytic Philosophy                1

XU Yingjin / Does Wittgenstein Actually Undermine the Foundation of Artificial Intelligence?     3

LI Guo / Empirical Propositions and the Change of Language-Games                 21

Stewart Candlish / Was Wittgenstein an Analytic Philosopher? Wittgenstein vs Russell            35

Tom Stoneham / Quine on Quantification and Existence                                   54

Research Articles

NIE Minli / Yin and Yang, and the Hot and the Cold                                      73

TAN Mingran / The Problem of Confucian Moral Cultivation and Its Solution: Using Ritual Propriety to Support Rule by Law       88

Teun Tieleman / The Early Stoics and Aristotelian Ethics                               104

Jeevan F. D’Souza, C. Kelly Adams / On Measuring the Moral Value of Action 122

GAO Kun / A Naturalistic Look into Maddy’s Naturalistic Philosophy of Mathematics  137

Book Reviews

CHEN Yun, The Spirit of the Doctrine of Mean (in Chinese) (reviewed by JIANG Qiuliu)           152

Yong HUANG, Why Be Moral? Learning from the Neo-Confucian Cheng Brothers (reviewed by Michael Harington)          158

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