Job at Huaqiao University

The School of Philosophy and Social Development at Huaqiao University, Xiamen, China, invites applications for a position in philosophy. The position is a mid-to-long term teaching and research position, which means one should work at Huaqiao University for two full semesters (each semester lasts for 20 weeks) a year. The contract will be renewed annually or open-ended. Candidates who have some Chinese language ability will be preferred. 

AOS: Asian Philosophy, esp. Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy

One’s work at Huaqiao University includes the following:

1)    Help the School of Philosophy of Social Development to build the International Graduate Degree Program in (Chinese) Philosophy.

2)    Deliver lecture courses in Chinese Philosophy, including Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, Comparative Philosophy, etc, to international and Chinese students pursuing advanced degrees in Philosophy; teach advanced seminars in Western Philosophy. All courses should be taught in English. Workload: Two courses per semester.

3)     Publication of research papers in international academic journals.

4)     Participate in campus and community events. Deliver two public lectures each semester; Collaborate with colleagues of the School of Philosophy and Social Development to address teaching and research issues;

5)     Promote internationalization of the institution.

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