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Last I checked, this has not been posted at Jobs for Philosophers, even though one of the two areas mentioned explicitly is philosophy. Maybe the Chinese studies folks at Sydney don’t know about JFP? Anyway, here’s the announcement:

Professor of Chinese Studies, The University of Sydney

Reference No. 1574/0912

More information available here.

The University of Sydney’s Faculty of Arts has a proud history and tradition of intellectual rigour. It offers one of the most comprehensive and diverse ranges of humanities and social science studies in the Asia Pacific, and a vibrant research and teaching environment.

The School of Languages and Cultures (SLC), offers the widest range of undergraduate and postgraduate language studies in Australia. Our academics are committed to excellence in teaching and doing research in languages and their social and cultural contexts and the school is a centre for European, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.

The Department of Chinese Studies within the SLC seeks to appoint a Professor (Level E) of Chinese Studies. The department has a long tradition of teaching language as well as other subjects related to traditional and contemporary Chinese literature, thought, and culture and has well-established programs for training undergraduate, honours, and postgraduate students. This new professorship of Chinese studies is intended to attract a leading scholar in the fields of Chinese literature and/or philosophy. It is open with respect to literary genre, specialisation in Chinese philosophy, and time period, though preference may be given to candidates with expertise in early as well as later periods of Chinese thought, Tang dynasty poetry, the great novels of the Ming and Qing, or 20th century and contemporary Chinese literature.

The successful candidate will need to possess near-native or native fluency in Modern Standard Chinese, and also be able to lecture comfortably and effectively in English. Whether a candidate specialises in literature or philosophy, key qualifications are a deep understanding of the core values of Chinese culture and the ability to communicate and explain those values to a wide variety of audiences.

CLOSING DATE: 28 November 2012

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