Call for Drafts for Journal of Chinese Humanities

Shandong University’s Journal of Chinese Humanities is an English-language extension of Wen Shi Zhe (Journal of Literature, History and Philosophy), one of mainland China’s most respected humanities journals. JOCH focuses on presenting scholarly work on various aspects of China’s traditional culture and society. It fosters international dialogue on important Chinese studies issues and provides a platform for academic exchange.

We are now accepting submissions for our next issue. The theme is “Dialogue between Civilizations.” All entries must be original works and related to China. All submissions will be reviewed by the editorial board and blind peer reviewers.

The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2014. Submissions should use Chicago style format and be between 6,000 and 10,000 words in length.

Please send submissions and questions to Dr. Ben Hammer at, or submit online at

Benjamin Hammer

Journal of Chinese Humanities 

Advanced Institute of Confucian Studies

Shandong University

2 replies on “Call for Drafts for Journal of Chinese Humanities”

  1. Hi Ben — Thanks for this. Is any informatino about the journal (past Tables of Contents, for example) available on-line?

  2. Absolutely. The inaugural issue came out in June of this year. Everyone is welcome to read or download all the articles in full for the next year.

    Readers can go to the journal’s webpage
    and follow the instructions to set up an account and get free access to the journal. (The “access token” for free viewing is joch4u)

    The first issue was history-oriented. The second is philosophy, and there will be many more philosophy themes in the future.

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