Journal issue on “Confucianism: Comparisons & Controversies”

The Journal Culture and Dialogue has published a special issue on “Confucianism: Comparisons & Controversies,” guest edited by Eirik Lang Harris and Henrique Schneider, available here:
The essays include:

Editorial & Introduction – Confucianism: Comparisons and Controversies
By: Eirik Lang Harris and Henrique Schneider

Modern New Confucianism and the Challenges of Chinese Modernity: Intercultural Dialogues in Chinese Philosophy
By: Jana S. Rošker
Exemplary Paternalism: A Consideration of Confucian Models of Moral Oversight
By: Sarah Flavel and Brad Hall
Between Political Meritocracy and Participatory Democracy: Toward Realist Confucian Democracy
By: Darren Yutang Jin
Pluralism, Confucianism, and Democracy
By: Zhuoyao Li
Confucianism, Commerce, Capitalism
By: Henrique Schneider
Make Way for Women: Philosophical Adaptation of Confucian Property Practices
By: Gordon B. Mower

A Han Feizian Worry with Confucian Meritocracy – and a Non-Moral Alternative
By: Eirik Lang Harris

Meritocracy, Heredity and Worthies in Early Daoism
By: Andrej Fech

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