New Journal of Daoist Studies, and New Zhuangzi book

Three Pines Press proudly announces the publication of Zhuangzi: Text and Context, by Livia Kohn, to appear in January 2014. (330 pages; Paperback:$35.95; prepublication special: $28.50 plus S & H.) For details and to order, please go to

We are also happy to present the table of contents for the next issue of the Journal of Daoist Studies  (vol. 7), to be published in February 2014. For details, please see below.

Zhuangzi: Text and Context presents a comprehensive discussion of the ancient Daoist work Zhuangzi in 24 chapters, providing a chronologically-based outline of the context of the work, from the compilation of the text to its reading in 21st century ecology, plus a systematic discussion and interpretation of its central concepts from perfect happiness to playful uselessness. The book integrates a vast spectrum of original and secondary sources, examines the history and ideas in a wide context, both within China and cross-culturally, and relates many of Zhuangzi’s key notions and practices to modern science, notably physics, biology, and psychology. Encyclopedic in scope, meticulous in execution, and skillfully presented, it is a must for anyone interested in traditional Chinese thought.

This new book is a wonderful contribution to Zhuangzi studies and truly makes Dr. Kohn’s love of the Zhuangzi manifest.  I have never before seen such command of the literature. She not only explains the Zhuangzi and its reception through the centuries but also sums up in a readable manner the entire field of contemporary *Zhuangzi* studies.  The book covers pretty much everything!  To be savored page by page!

-Eske Mollgaard, University of Rhode Island

Journal of Daoist Studies 7 (2014)


Paul D’Ambrosio
Blending Dao: An Analysis of Images in the *Daode jing* 1

Thomas E. Smith
The Many Faces of Master Redpine                        29

David Boyd
The “Other” Dao in Town: Early Lingbao Polemics on Shangqing               63

Paul Crowe
Dao Learning and the Golden Elixir: Shared Paths to Perfection                89

P. G. G. van Enckevort
The Three Treasures: An Enquiry into the Writings of Wu Shouyang       117

*Forum on Contemporary Practice*

Eske Møllgaard
Sage-knowledge and Equality in the Zhuangzi                 147

E. Leslie Williams
Becoming One with the Dao: Meditation in *Daode jing* and Dogen 163

Kenneth Cohen
Spirit and Life in Balance: Zhao Bizhen’s Lasting Influence on Qigong and the Martial Arts 179

Ju Keyi & Lü Xianlong
Tiandijiao: The Daoist Connection 195

Christopher Cott
Interviewing Daoist Masters: A Reality Check    213

Martin Schönfeld
Laozi and the New Green Paradigm                       226

*News of the Field*



Science on *Qi*

Notes on

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