Latest issue of Extrême-Orient Extrême-Occident: Political Rhetoric in Early China

Some of you probably know the French journal Extrême-Orient Extrême-Occident. Its focus is broader than just philosophy but lots of issues might be of interest for readers of this blog. Many articles are in English.


The latest issue is about political rhetoric in early China:


Table of contents

Introduction: Political Rhetoric in Early China

Paul van Els & Elisa Sabattini


I. Difficulties and Dangers of Political Persuasion

Sly Mouths and Silver Tongues: the Dynamics of Psychological Persuasion in Ancient China

Albert Galvany


Rhetoric that Kills, Rhetoric that Heals

Romain Graziani


II. Overt and Covert Rhetoric against Ruling Elites

Alienating Rhetoric in the Book of Lord Shang and its moderation

Yuri Pines

“Waiting for the Sages of Later Generations”: Is there a Rhetoric of Treason in the Shiji?

Dorothee Schaab-Hanke


III. Stories and Slogans as Rhetorical Tool

Tilting Vessels and Collapsing Walls—On the Rhetorical : Function of Anecdotes in Early Chinese Texts

Paul van Els

“People as Root” (min ben) Rhetoric in the New Writings by Jia Yi (200-168)

Elisa Sabattini


IV. “Regards extérieurs”


Political Rhetoric in China and in Imperial Rome: the Persuader, the Ruler, the Audience

Alexander Yakobson


Just Words, Right Words

Gabrielle Radica


Bio-bibliographical notes


4 replies on “Latest issue of Extrême-Orient Extrême-Occident: Political Rhetoric in Early China”

  1. Sebastien, thank you for sharing this! I hope you don’t mind that I edited your original post to add the “continue reading…” line, just so that no one post takes up all the space on the main page. (If you’d like to use it in the future, it is the fourth button from the right at the top of the screen where you compose a new post, labelled “Insert More Tag”.)

  2. I have a question: when looking at the tables of contents listed on the website, how is one to be sure whether the articles are in French or English? Some issues list them only in one language, which is easy, but several issues list the titles in both English and French. Are they published in both? Thanks!

    • Good question Steve…
      The latest issue is in English apart from one article. But this does not answer your more general remark. If I can find a clear answer, I will post it here later

  3. Dear Steve,

    All the articles in this volume are written in English as it was initially reported on the publisher’s website, but alas not advertized as such (the only piece of French academic prose is one of the two Regards Extérieurs that broaches the question of right words and the art of writing in Europe, and more specifically in Rousseau).But thank you for your helpful question, which will prompt us to offer a clear picture of the linguistic composition of the next issue (on divination and astrology in the Buddhist tradition).
    Best regards,
    Roman Graziani

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