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Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture Vol.29 / February 2018

The full PDF of the issue can be accessed here; the Table of Contents follows.


Kim, Doil. “Four Types of Moral Extension in Mencius,” 1-19.

Ames, Roger T. “Making a Text One’s Own: Reflections on Reading Chinese Philosophy Properly,” 21-39.

Yoo, Weon-Ki. “Yi I’s Understanding of Human Beings as Viewed from Ibn Sina’s Perspective,” 41-62.

Lee, Hae-Im. “The Characteristics of the Earlier Philosophy of Han Won-jin: Major Issues in Yulgok byeoljip bucheom,” 63-90.

Han, Zhenhua. “How to Interpret Mencius’ Concept of “Xing” 性?: The Debate in Western Sinology and Its Current Significance,” 91-112.

盛夏, <聖人聞而知之何以可能?>, 113-132.

鄧慶平, <中韓朱子學發展模式的比較>, 133-149.

韓成求, <嚴復的科學思想與會通觀>, 151-170.

文碧方‧李想, <從“回到康有爲”到“回到牟宗三”——“大陸新儒家”政治儒學之反思>, 171-184.

田炳述, <存在心理學與儒家>, 185-201.

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