Lecture in Berlin: Nelson on Neo-Confucianism and Buddhism

Prof. Dr. Eric NELSON (Division of Humanities, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology):

The Debate between Neo-Confucianism and Buddhism in Jeong Dojeon and Gihwa

Nov. 30, 2016; 18:00-20:00. More information here.

Philosophy in Korea has developed as a melting pot of ideas in East Asia. The aim of this lecture series is to illuminate the history of ideas in East Asia in order to understand the history of ideas in Korea in the context of East Asia by reviewing the flow of ideas between three countries in East Asia, and discovering how the exchange and influence of philosophical ideas impacted the history of East Asia.  It is through this lens that we would like to question “how the history of ideas in Korea was influenced by China and Japan and developed interactively with them.”

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