Lighter Fare VI – "It's the blocked 氣, Stupid"?

An Associated Press “story” available here:

McCain, Obama and the Search for Good Office “Chi” [sic.]

By JULIE PACE, Associated Press Writer2 hours, 37 minutes ago

With a few simple changes in their Senate offices, both presidential candidates could improve their health, relationships and maybe even get a few more votes, says Taylor Vance, a Feng Shui consultant.

John McCain’s Senate office is eclectic and cluttered.

Barack Obama’s is clean and modern.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that examines how a person’s environment affects his life.

Modern Feng Shui practitioners focus on placing objects in locations that maximize Chi, or energy.

“It’s really important to honor people’s style and their personal relationships,” Vance says. “You can’t just pick a thing, put it there and say it’s Feng Shui.”

The first thing Vance would do to make McCain’s office more Feng Shui-friendly is get rid of the clutter.

“He’s barricaded in there with so many things,” she said. “I got a feeling that he wasn’t really as available as he could be.”

Step two would be unblocking a set of large double doors. Doors are where energy enters and opportunities flow in, Vance said. But these doors are unused, and blocked by a plant and a chair.

“He may not be getting the advantage of all the opportunities that he might if he unbarricaded them,” she said.

McCain made a smart Feng Shui decision by putting his desk at the back of his office, giving him a long, expansive view that Vance said will help him expand his thoughts.

And Obama?

Some may call his office decor minimalist. Vance calls it accessible.

“It’s an uncomplicated image. What you see is what you get,” she said.

What is in the office is well-placed. To the left of the door, an area that represents knowledge, Obama has a photograph of former South African president Nelson Mandela and a portrait of former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

“That tells me he’s drawing on their wisdom,” Vance said.

But Obama could enhance his office leadership by moving his desk so it doesn’t have a door behind it.

“Sometimes that can create a situation where you’re not as supported by the people in the office with you,” said Vance, who recommends putting the desk in front of a solid wall.

There’s one suggestion Vance thinks both candidates would benefit from — adding a small fountain in the back left corner of their offices, the area that relates to money and opportunities.

“That would help bring in more campaign contributions,” Vance said.

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  2. Hi King,

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