March 17, 2023–Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy–Wenqing Zhao (Whitman College): « From Conceptual Misalignment to Conceptual Engineering: A Case Study on Emotion from Chinese Philosophy »


Welcomes you to an IN-PERSON meeting:

Wenqing Zhao (Whitman College): « From Conceptual Misalignment to Conceptual Engineering: A Case Study on Emotion from Chinese Philosophy »

With responses from Andrew Lambert (College of Staten Island, CUNY)

ABSTRACT: Conceptual misalignment is a pervasive phenomenon in the studies of Non-Western philosophy and the History of Philosophy (NW&HP). However, conceptual misalignment is often undetected, unsuspected, or seen as a hurdle that NW&HP materials need to overcome to contribute to contemporary discussions. Specifically, conceptual misalignment refers to the following: In the process of crystalizing NW&HP materials, a linguistic coordination of concepts is formed between the speaker, i.e., NW&HP, and its context of contemporary anglophone philosophy. However, in philosophically meaningful ways, the original NW&HP concept and its anglophone counterpart misalign. This misalignment is particularly intricate and hard to detect when it comes to emotion concepts, as they are thought to involve phenomenal and/or intentional features. Through investigating the concept of emotion in Chinese philosophy, I propose a refocusing on conceptual misalignment as a method of cross-cultural comparative and history of philosophy. Moreover, I argue that conceptual misalignment is an important resource for contemporary conceptual engineering and amelioration projects.

DATE: March 17th, 2023
TIME: 5:30 – 7:30 pm EST
LOCATION: Philosophy Hall, Columbia University, 1150 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027

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