Martha Nussbaum Wins Berggruen Prize

Martha Nussbaum has won the Berggruen Prize, awarded annually to a thinker whose ideas “have profoundly shaped human self-understanding and advancement in a rapidly changing world.” See more here or here.

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  1. Given the reasons for the award, this seems perfectly appropriate, although I have been a bit disappointed, philosophically, with _some_ of her later work. She writes on an impressive range of topics (I suspect this has been the occasion of some envy among her colleagues in the profession) and her prose is often accessible to a literate public (i.e., not penned exclusively in the philosophical jargon common to academic philosophers). What is more, she has a strong moral compass if not pellucid moral insight and imagination that is, for me at least, inspiring, even if one does not always agree with the particulars.

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