CFP: Materiality of Knowledge in Chinese thought

Call for papers:  “Materiality of Knowledge in Chinese thought, Past and Present”.

The conference will be organised jointly by Dirk Meyer and Stefano Gandolfo, University of Oxford. It will take place on 19-21 September 2018 at The Queen’s College, University of Oxford. It will discuss matters related to the materiality of knowledge from the following three aspects:

1) The Materiality of Text Production and Text Performance: here we wish to explore (a) the mechanisms through which changes in materiality alter the content of the recorded knowledge and the processes recording meaning; (b) the impact of material stationary on the production of texts; and (c) the impact of materiality and the performance texts.

2) The Materiality of Collections and Anthologies: here we wish to explore (a) the transformations of knowledge organisation in congshu and leishu collections as a result of changes in material conditions; (b) the nature, structure, and makeup of compilations and anthologies.

3) The Materiality of Libraries and Archives: here we wish to explore (a) the impact of paper, printing, and digitisation on the conceptualisation and organisation of textual storage; (b) the influence of changes in the material conditions of record keeping and structure of libraries and archives.

We are in particular welcoming papers in the field of (3) (Materiality of Libraries and Archives) that discuss (a) knowledge production in and around Buddhist monasteries in China and (b) digital archiving.

For more information about the conference and our ideas here:

Please submit your abstract by 15 October 2017.

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