NECCT 2014 Call for Abstracts

We hereby request submissions of abstracts for the third Northeast Conference on Chinese Thought (NECCT), to be held at Central Connecticut State University on Saturday and Sunday, November 8-9, 2014.

Interested scholars should send an abstract of no more than one single-spaced page, plus a current CV, to Mathew Foust ( no later than June 1, 2014. All files should either be in Word or .pdf format.

The goals of the conference are twofold:

  1. To provide a regional forum for everyone from graduate students to established scholars to present work, learn from one another, and establish or strengthen mutual relationships; and
  2. To bring together scholars and students who approach Chinese thought from diverse disciplinary perspectives so as to foster understanding of our various objectives, perspectives, and constraints—the point not being to privilege one approach or hope for a grand synthesis, but simply to encourage each of us to be less insular and to find ways to learn from the approaches of others.

Accordingly, we will select papers for the conference based on three criteria, putting most weight on the first:

  1. Quality of the prospective paper, especially in terms of clarity, rigor, and innovation.
  2. Openness to (or explicit participation in) cross-disciplinary exploration of Chinese thought.
  3. Residence in the Northeastern U.S., with special preference for graduate students and younger scholars. Please note that this does not mean we will exclude all participants from outside the region, but we do aim to cultivate a regional community and so will take this factor into account.

At the conference itself, individual presentations will be twenty minutes in length, grouped into panels that bring out inter-disciplinary connections.


NECCT 2014 Advisory Board


Stephen Angle (Wesleyan University, Philosophy and East Asian Studies)

David Elstein (SUNY New Paltz, Philosophy)

Mathew A. Foust (Central Connecticut State University, Philosophy)

Paul Goldin (University of Pennsylvania, East Asian Languages and Civilizations)

Hagop Sarkissian (City University of New York, Philosophy)

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