I recently received a letter from the editors of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), suggesting that those who have benefitted from the NEH’s support for SEP might tell the nEH this, as part of the 50th anniversary of the NEH. Given SEP’s openness to non-Western philosophy, I thought this idea was a good one, and wanted to share the letter here, and encourage others to write to NEH as well!

We are writing as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the inception of the National Endowment for the Humanities [ see ].

As part of the 50th anniversary plans, the NEH is asking anyone interested to send email to telling them about NEH grants that have made difference in their career, community, or academic field.

The NEH played an instrumental role in the development of the SEP, providing grant funds covering much of our operational budget from 1998-2007. And it provided additional support of our efforts to raise an endowment with a $500,000 Challenge Grant (matching funds to library contributions).

Given the role the NEH has played in supporting the SEP, we have written to them with our thanks. We thought it appropriate to take this opportunity to thank you as well for your efforts as part of the SEP project. And, if you are interested to do so, we encourage you to take a moment to visit and write a message of your own to the NEH.

Thank you again, for your participation in the work on the SEP.
All the best,
Ed, Uri, and Colin
Edward N. Zalta, Principal Editor
Uri Nodelman, Senior Editor
Colin Allen, Associate Editor
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

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  1. I’m continually impressed by the clarity and evenhandedness of SEP articles, as well as the openness to non-Western philosophy that Steve mentions.

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