New Book: Ancient Greece and China Compared

A new volume titled Ancient Greece and China Compared was recently published by Cambridge University Press, edited by G. E. R. Lloyd and Jingyi Jenny Zhao. The title features fourteen essays that compare different aspects of ancient Greece and China from an interdisciplinary perspective, together with an introduction by G. E. R. Lloyd and an afterword by Michael Loewe. Those interested may like to access the book’s webpage on the CUP website here.

Table of Content


Introduction                Introduction: Methods, Problems and Prospects

Geoffrey LLOYD


Part 1                          Methodological Issues and Goals


Chapter 1                    Why Some Comparisons Make More Difference Than Others

Nathan SIVIN

Chapter 2                    Comparing Comparisons


Chapter 3                    On the Very Idea of Translation

Robert WARDY


Part 2                           Philosophy and Religion


Chapter 4                    Freedom in Parts of the Zhuangzi and Epictetus

Richard KING

Chapter 5                    Shame and Moral Education in Aristotle and Xunzi

Jingyi Jenny ZHAO

Chapter 6                    Human and Animal in Early China and Greece


Chapter 7                    Genealogies of Gods, Ghosts, and Humans: the Capriciousness of the Divine in Early Greece and Early China

Michael PUETT


Part 3                           Art and Literature


Chapter 8                    Visual Art and Historical Representation in Ancient Greece and China


Chapter 9                    Helen and Chinese Femmes Fatales

ZHOU Yiqun


Part 4                           Mathematics and Life Sciences


Chapter 10                  Divisions, Big and Small: Comparing Archimedes and Liu Hui

Reviel NETZ

Chapter 11                  Abstraction as a Value in the Historiography of Mathematics in Ancient Greece and China


Chapter 12                  Recipes for Love in the Ancient World

Vivienne LO and Eleanor RE’EM


Part 5                          Agriculture, Planning and Institutions


Chapter 13                  From the Harvest to the Meal in Prehistoric China and Greece: a Comparative Approach to the Social Context of Food


Chapter 14                  On Libraries and Manuscript Culture in Western Han Chang’an and Alexandria

Michael NYLAN


Afterword                   Michael LOEWE

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