New Book: Bai on Chinese Political Philosophy

Tongdong BAI of Fudan University has a new book coming with Zed Books: China — The Middle Way of the Middle Kingdom surveys Chinese political philosophy. I’ve read the book and really liked it; my blurb on the back cover reads:

Tongdong Bai’s new book pulls off a remarkable balancing act. It is accessible and yet provocative; it is solidly based on China’s early history and yet full of fascinating comparisons with Western thought and with the contemporary world. It is a splendid introduction to Chinese philosophy for all readers.

Daniel Bell writes as follows:

Tongdong Bai is a unique voice among scholars of Chinese philosophy: fluent in English and Chinese, trained in China and the US, and expert in both the natural sciences and the humanities. Not surprisingly, this erudite book sets the bar higher than previous works on the topic. While the book will interest newcomers to Chinese political philosophy, it is more than an introduction. Bai develops an original argument that ancient debates in ‘pre-modern’ times anticipate many of the political problems of contemporary societies and provide resources for some solutions.

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