New Book: Chinese Philosophy: A Reader

Jim Ryan has published Chinese Philosophy: A ReaderThe book is a 500-page paperback, available on Amazon: I am informed that a Kindle edition is forthcoming. The Table of Contents follows….

1. Confucius, The Analects (most of the text, rearranged into topical groups)

2. Laozi, Dedaojing (using the standard, Mawangdui, and Guodian versions, with a few footnotes by Wang Bi)

3 Mozi, Mozi (several essays)

Interlude: Gongsun Longzi (“White Horse,” “Reference and Object”)

4. Mencius, Mencius (about 30 pages of the text, rearranged into topical groups)

5. Zhuangzi, Zhuangzi (about 55 pages of the text)

6. Xunzi, Xunzi (four essays)

7. Han Feizi, Han Feizi (three essays, plus additional excerpts)

Interlude: Buddhism (a very short introduction to Buddhism for students who don’t know anything about it)

8. Chinese Madhyamaka (Sengzhao’s “In Prajna There Are No Cognitions” and “Emptiness as Unreality”)

9. Huayan and Chinese Yogacara (Fazang’s “Treatise on the Golden Lion” and  “The Ten Coins” and “The Rafter and the Building” from the Five Teachings; The Awakening of Faith with many footnotes by Fazang)

10. Chan: Huangbo (“Essential Teachings on the Transmission of the Mental State” and a passage from the Record of Linji)

Each chapter has both an introductory essay and a bibliography of suggested additional readings.

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