New Book: Elstein, ed., Dao Companion to Contemporary Confucian Philosophy

The latest volume in the authoritative Dao Companion series has been published: David Elstein, ed., Dao Companion to Contemporary Confucian Philosophy (Springer, 2021). The editorial description:

This edited volume presents a comprehensive examination of contemporary Confucian philosophy from its roots in the late 19th century to the present day. It provides a thorough introduction to the major philosophers and topics in contemporary Confucian philosophy. The individual chapters study the central figures in 20th century Confucian philosophy in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, as well as the important influences on recent Confucian philosophy. In addition, topical chapters focus on contemporary Confucian theory of knowledge, ethics, politics, aesthetics, and views of human nature. The volume brings together scholars from around the world to provide a sound overview of the philosophy of the period and illustrate the important current debates. Confucian philosophy has been undergoing a revival in China for more than three decades, and this book presents the most significant work of the past century and more. By giving a detailed account of the philosophical positions involved, explaining the terminology of contemporary Confucian philosophy, and situating the views in their historical context, this volume enables the reader to understand what is at stake and evaluate the arguments.

The Table of Contents follows.

Pages 1-24
Elstein, David

Confucianism in Late Nineteenth-Early Twentieth Century China
Pages 27-46
Blitstein, Pablo

Ma Yifu’s Theory of the Virtue of (Human) Nature and the Six Arts
Pages 47-70
Liu, Leheng

Liang Shuming and His Syncretic Confucianism
Pages 71-87
Meynard, Thierry

Xiong Shili’s Ontology
Pages 89-104
Guo, Qiyong

Zhang Junmai: The Political and Cultural Thought of a New Confucian
Pages 105-124
Fung, Edmund S. K. (et al.)

Three Dialectical Phases in Feng Youlan’s Philosophical Journey
Pages 125-157
Pfister, Lauren F.

Fang Dongmei’s Philosophy of Life and Culture
Pages 159-173
Zheng, Zemian

Balanced Continuity: Qian Mu and Contemporary New Confucianism
Pages 175-198
Isay, Gad C.

Xu Fuguan: Realizing the Human Spirit
Pages 199-220
Elstein, David

Beyond the Horizon: Philosophy and Religion in the Late Work of Tang Junyi (1909–1978)
Pages 221-253
Van den Stock, Ady

Mou Zongsan: Between Confucianism and Kantianism
Pages 255-275
Lee, Ming-huei

Li Zehou: Synthesizing Kongzi, Marx, and Kant
Pages 277-298
Lambert, Andrew

Liu Shu-hsien and the Effort Toward a Global Philosophy
Pages 299-321
Leung, Yat-hung

Onto-Generative Hermeneutics: Cheng Chung-Ying’s Philosophy of Understanding and Truth
Pages 323-343
Ng, On-cho

Tu Weiming: The Global Confucian
Pages 345-366
Weber, Ralph

New Confucianism and Buddhism
Pages 367-383
Chan, Wing-cheuk

The Influence of the German Idealists on the Contemporary New Confucians
Pages 385-406
Pong, Wen-berng

Contemporary Confucianism and Ethical Theory
Pages 409-446
Angle, Stephen C.

Modern Confucian Epistemology: From Reason to Intuition—And Back
Pages 447-468
Rošker, Jana S.

Discursive Understanding and Experiential Confirmation: Mou Zongsan and Tang Junyi on Human Nature
Pages 469-487
Wong, Wai-ying

Contemporary Confucian Political Thought
Pages 489-511
Elstein, David

In Defense of Chinese Sensibility: Confucian Aesthetics in the 20th Century
Pages 513-540
Lee, Su-san

New Confucian Hermeneutic Thought
Pages 541-558
Lin, Wei-chieh

Confucian Thought and Contemporary Western Philosophy
Pages 559-585
Lambert, Andrew

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