New Book: Handbook on Human Rights in China

Just published: Handbook on Human Rights in China (Edward Elgar Publishing), edited by Sarah Biddulph (Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne, Australia) and Joshua Rosenzweig (East Asia Research Director, Amnesty International). More info here; Table of Contents below.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the Handbook on Human Rights in China
Sarah Biddulph and Joshua Rosenzweig

Part I Human Rights in China: Contested Meanings
2. Human rights in Chinese tradition
Stephen C. Angle

3. Human rights and the political system
Eva Pils

Part II International Dimensions of Human Rights in China
4. China and the International Multilateral Human Rights System
Ann Kent

5. Human rights in Chinese foreign policy: a battle for global public opinion
Katrin Kinzelbach

6. China and the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ (R2P)
Andrew Garwood-Gowers

PART III Economic and Social Rights
7. Subsistence, Poverty Alleviation and Right to Development: Between Discourse and Practice
Wim Muller

8. Health and Human Rights Performance in China: Stronger on Entitlements, Weaker on Freedoms
Lesley A. Jacobs

9. Labor Rights in China
Manfred Elfstrom

10. Examining China’s Compliance to Emerging International Norms Regarding Environmental Rights
Anna Brettell

11. Objects of Pity or Subjects of Rights? Disability and Human Rights in the People’s Republic of China
Stephen Hallett

12. Mental Health Rights in China
Guo Zhiyuan

13. Women’s Rights and Gender Equality in China: The Development and Struggle in Chains of State Feminism
Jiang Jue

14. Rights of Children and Youth in China: Protection, Provision and Participation
Orna Naftali

PART IV Civil and Political Rights
15. Freedom of Opinion and Expression
Hermann Aubié

16. Freedom of Religion and Belief
Sarah Cook

17. Freedom from Torture
Margaret K. Lewis

18. Arbitrary Detention
Sarah Biddulph

19. Assessing Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association in Contemporary China
Angeli Datt and Alex Beck

20. The Death Penalty and Human Rights in China
Susan Trevaskes

21. Movement and Migration
Ming Xia

Section 5 Rights In/action and Access to Justice
22. Lawyers for Human Rights Protection: From Legal Aid to Political Lawyering
Fu Hualing

23. The Right to a Fair Trial
Elisa Nesossi

24. Transparency, Accountability, and Access to Information
Jamie P. Horsley

25. The Development and Obstacles of Anti-discrimination Law and Practice in Mainland China
Lu Jun

PART VI Political Dimensions of Human Rights in Greater China
26. Human Rights in Taiwan: A Thematic Overview
Titus C. Chen

27. Human Rights and Political Opposition in Hong Kong
Michael C. Davis

28. Rights Defense and New Citizen’s Movement
Teng Biao

Section 7 New Frontiers
29. Human Rights and the Internet in China: New Frontiers and Challenges
Marina Svensson

30. LGBTQ rights in China: Movement-Building in Uncertain Times
Joy L. Chia

31. Human Rights and China’s International Trade and Investment Relations
Pitman B. Potter

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