New Book: History of Chinese Philosophy Through Its Key Terms

An English translation of History of Chinese Philosophy Through Its Key Terms has been published by Nanjing University Press and Springer! Click here for more information about the book.  Below is a brief description of the book from the words of the book’s translator, Shuchen Xiang:

The work is an encyclopedia of 37 Chinese terms such as dao and tian. It is unique in that the explanation of each term describes the evolution of the term from the Pre-Qin period through all the key periods of Chinese philosophy right up to modern times. I think this book will be a great resource for teaching Chinese philosophy in the West. Often, I think there is not enough awareness that Chinese philosophy is a dynamic one and philosophical concepts evolve throughout the course of Chinese history. This book will introduce students to how concepts changed throughout history. It is also more accessible than Wing-tsit Chan’s denser tome. I think some of the Warp Weft and Way audience will find this publication useful.



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