New Book: Intelligence and Wisdom: Artificial Intelligence Meets Chinese Philosophers

The book Intelligence and Wisdom: Artificial Intelligence Meets Chinese Philosophers has been published by Springer. The full book is available for free download here; a listing of the table of contents follows below.

Table of Contents

Introduction: How Chinese Philosophers Think About Artificial Intelligence?
Bing Song
Pages 1-14

Artificial Intelligence, Emotion, and Order: A Confucian Perspective
Chunsong Gan
Pages 15-31

The Artificial Intelligence Challenge and the End of Humanity
Chenyang Li
Pages 33-47

Can Artificial Intelligence Lead Us to Genuine Virtue? A Confucian Perspective
Stephen C. Angle
Pages 49-64

Can a Machine Flow Like Dao? The Daoist Philosophy on Artificial Intelligence
Robin R. Wang
Pages 65-81

When Artificial Intelligence Meets Daoism
Fei Gai
Pages 83-100

Great Wisdom Holds the Answers to Human Suffering—Artificial Intelligence Inspired Thinking
Fenghe Liu
Pages 101-108

“Natural Robots: Locating ‘NI’ Within the Yijing Cosmology”
Roger T. Ames
Pages 109-129

Human Nature, Time-Consciousness, and the New Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence—An Inquiry from the Perspective of Phenomenology and the Eastern School of Mind
Xianglong Zhang
Pages 131-150

The Uncertain Gamble of Infinite Technological Progress
Tingyang Zhao
Pages 151-166

3 replies on “New Book: Intelligence and Wisdom: Artificial Intelligence Meets Chinese Philosophers”

  1. Hi, it says above the downloading of the whole book is free. But it does not download. only content etc. Am I missing something here? Or is your text a bit unclear? I do not have the time to chase this any further, but am very interested in the topic.
    thanks for your reply

  2. Hi Rose — when I click on the link above, below the brief description of the contents there are two buttons, one to download as PDF and one as EPUB. Do you not see those? It is possible that I see them only because I’m the author of a chapter … but I don’t appear to be logged in to Springer so how would it know it’s me? Please check and let me/us know.

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