New Book: Skill and Mastery: Philosophical Stories from the Zhuangzi

This valuable collection of illuminating analysis of skill stories from the Zhuangzi, a 4th century BCE Daoist text opens up new lines of inquiry in comparative East-West philosophical debates on skill, cultivation and mastery, as well as cross-disciplinary debates in psychology, cognitive science and philosophy.

Thanks to the editors of the series, PJ Ivanhoe, Sungmoon Kim and Eirik Lang Harris.

What a delight for Wai Wai Chiu and me to work with such amazing contributors: Frank Perkins, David Machek, Timothy Connolly, Romain Graziani, Steve Coutinho, Eric Schwitzgebel, James Sellman, Lisa Raphals, Chris Fraser, Wim De Reu, Albert Galvany, Chong Kim-chong and Hans-Georg Moeller.

One thought on “New Book: Skill and Mastery: Philosophical Stories from the Zhuangzi

  1. Hi all, may I ask if there’s anyone who would like to review this book? I’ll get the publisher to send along a copy. Please get in touch via email (

    I’m thinking of the following journals:
    Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy
    Australasian Journal of Philosophy
    Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews
    Monumenta Serica
    Philosophy East and West
    Frontiers of Philosophy in China
    Sophia: International Journal of Philosophy and Traditions

    But let me know if you have suggestions for other journals.
    – thanks!

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