New Book: Zhu Xi

Zhu Xi: Selected Writings has been published. This is the first volume in the new translation series, Oxford Chinese Thought.

This is the first book-length translation to give a comprehensive look at Zhu Xi’s thought and his place in history, literature, philosophy, and religion. It includes Zhu’s writings or lessons on a wide variety of topics, including his ethics, metaphysics, political thought, views on ghosts and spirits, objections to Daoism and Buddhism, selected commentaries, and his thoughts on literature, poetry, and current social conditions. The volume is edited by Philip J. Ivanhoe with contributions from experts in various areas and aspects of Zhu Xi’s writings.

The book has been released directly into paperback and there is a companion website that includes the Chinese text for all translated materials, both of which we hope will appeal to instructors looking to adopt the volume for their courses. The paperback edition is quite affordable, and the easy reference to the Chinese text gives language instructors a way to teach Song dynasty Chinese as applied to a variety of topics and genres.

The table of contents is below the fold.

Introduction by Philip J. Ivanhoe
Chronology of Important Events in Zhu Xi’s Life

Chapter One: “Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Ethics” by Philip J. Ivanhoe
Chapter Two: “Moral Psychology and Cultivating the Self” by Curie Virág
Chapter Three: “Politics and Government” by Justin Tiwald
Chapter Four: “Poetry, Literature, Textual Study, and Hermeneutics” by On-cho Ng
Chapter Five: “Social Conditions of His Time” by Beverly Bossler
Chapter Six: “Heaven, Ghosts and Spirits, and Ritual” by Hoyt Tillman
Chapter Seven: “Criticisms of Buddhism, Daoism, and the Learning of the Heart-mind” by Ellen Neskar and Ari Borrell
Chapter Eight: “Science and Natural Philosophy” by Yung Sik Kim
Chapter Nine: “Zhu Xi’s Commentarial Work: Abiding in the Mean and the Constant” by Daniel Gardner

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